How Do You Trademark a Name or Logo?

Protect your company name and logo by OhioStartupLaw.comHow can I protect the name of my company, my logo, or slogan?

You probably plan to invest time and resources in the creation of a positive reputation for your business. The value of that reputation is stored within your company’s name, its logo, or slogan. To protect this investment you will need a Trademark.

How do I get a Trademark?

To get full legal protection in the United States, a Federal Trademark application must be filed.  This Trademark, if granted, will result in nationwide protection of the mark; which means others cannot use it without the risk of a lawsuit.

To be registered, a Trademark must be used on products or associated with services that include the mark. It must be shown that such a Trademark is identified with a particular product or service, and it points directly to the origin or ownership.

Federal Trademark Registration

Registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides the highest level of legal protection. Federal Trademark law applies only to marks used in interstate commerce. But nearly every modern business uses interstate commerce through the use of the Postal Service or Internet.

We offer an initial consultation to assist in filing your Federal Trademark application.

Ohio Trademark Registration

A Trademark used in Ohio may be registered with the Secretary of State by filling out an application. This type of registration is very limited and only provides protection in Ohio.

Elliott StapletonHow Do You Trademark a Name or Logo?